How to Avoid Getting Your Facebook Ad Account Disabled!

One of the most precious and sometimes tenuous relationships a digital marketer has, is the relationship they have with their Facebook Ad Account.

The reason your Facebook ad account is so precious and can sometimes be so challenging is that there are LOTS of rules about how to work within the Facebook Terms of Service (TOS) when it comes to running ads. Break the rules and you might find the ad account disabled, potentially FOREVER!

There are many and varied ways that advertisers might break the TOS, and this can often be inadvertent, especially if you’re inexperienced and haven’t read/understood the required terms.

? If you don’t want to break the terms of service, you’re going to need to read them! They do also get updated from time to time, so it’s best to refresh regularly while you have ads campaigns running.

 ? Just because you’ve seen other advertisers do it, doesn’t mean it’s ok. On face value, it might look like they’ve breached the TOS, but it’s possible they’ve either slipped through the net and their ads will be caught in the manual review. It does sometimes appear that larger advertisers get a little more leeway as to what’s ok.

? If you’re in the weight-loss industry, for example, you cannot show before and afters of results. They can be really effective for organic content, but DO NOT use them in ads.

 ? Don’t make unsubstantiated claims about what your product or service can do. Ensure your landing page reflects what the ad is selling. Facebook will check the content of your landing page, as well as your ad, so don’t think you can avoid the rules by making these claims on your landing page either.

 ? There are many products and services that are not allowed to be advertised on Facebook. This also includes ‘adult content’ so if you’re selling swimwear, poses shouldn’t be suggestive, or show too much skin.

 ? Be really careful when focusing on your customer. Yes, you want your customer to know you’re speaking to them, BUT Facebook ads are strict about making sure you aren’t obviously calling them out in the ad.

? Sometimes, your ad account will also be disabled because of inactivity, so it can be worthwhile spending a little in your ad account, even if you’re officially ‘having a break’ from ads.

There are SO many other areas to be aware of, but hopefully, this is a start to get you thinking about the importance of looking after the quality of your ad account!

Next week, I’ll give you some tips on how to (hopefully) get your ad account back, if it does get disabled!

If you’ve got any questions, just get in touch!