The 5 Key Areas of Successful Facebook Ads you NEED to Understand

Today’s brain dump for you… is understanding the 5 key areas you need to be across for running successful Facebook ad campaigns. There are MANY nuances across all of these areas, but this is a good starting point.

1. Facebook ads start with a CAMPAIGN. Campaigns are focused on the ideal marketing objective of your ads. For example, do you want people to send your page a message, or perhaps watch a video? There are 11 campaign objectives, broken down into 3 categories,

 ? Awareness,

? Consideration &

? Conversion.

2. Next, is the AD SET level, which currently sets the:

 ? audience

 ? placements

 ? budgets and scheduling (budgets are moving to the campaign level, in some accounts, this may have already occurred.)

Testing and understanding different audiences, based on the ideal customer personas you have identified, will help you to get better results from your ads over time.

Setting a realistic budget will also help you to get the results you’d like. I.e. Spending $10 a day for 5 days, to sell a $1997 coaching product to a cold (people who don’t know you/your brand) audience is challenging…

3. You’ll then move through to the AD level. At the ad level you’ll set the:

 ? Identity (make sure you’ve got the correct Facebook and Instagram page chosen).

 ? The format, which can be Carousel, Single Image/Video and adding an Instant Experience format.

 ? The ad creative, which is made up of the image/video(s), headline, content and then the resource you are sending people to, which depending on the campaign level chosen, could be a lead from, messenger bot, landing page or website. Plus, you’ll also need to choose which, if any call to action button text is best suited to your ads.

? Finally, you’ll also set the tracking information. This at a minimum includes ensuring the Facebook Pixel for your business is turned on.

Ideally, you’ll run multiple versions of your ads (especially early on) to test both the creative aspects and the targeting aspects of your ads.

4. Next, although it doesn’t happen within Facebook (other than with Facebook lead ads), you need to be considering your landing page, messenger bot or website experience.

 ? Where are you sending your ideal customers?

 ? Where are they dropping off on this process?

 ? Does it look consistent with the ad the person just clicked?

5. Finally, you need to think about how you’re re-engaging people who have engaged with your ads.

 ? Are you retargeting them with discount offers (almost expected with some ecommerce brands now)?

? Do people receive an email drip campaign with their purchase?

 ? Are customers getting ‘open cart’ reminders?

 ? Are appointment reminders being sent by messenger etc.?

Often, people don’t respond after their very first interaction with your business. Retargeting and engaging with your audience in a timely manner is critical to increasing your overall conversion rates.

Let me know if this info has been helpful to you! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, book a call to discuss my ‘done-for-you’ social media marketing solutions.