What to do when you’ve run out of content ideas

Some days we all struggle with finding content we think will be valuable to our audience…even me!

When I get stuck on finding a fresh idea for content, these are some of the things I like to do to get those creative ideas happening again:

 ? I take a break! Sometimes, all you need is a little perspective. Go outside, go get a coffee, go to the gym. Whatever lights you up is also likely to get you inspired.

 ? Take a walk down memory lane. Start at the beginning of the camera roll on your phone and reminisce about days long forgotten. Discover those awesome screenshots you’d forgotten about and ideas are bound to start appearing.

 ? Read a book! Especially if you’re in a professional services space, there is always wisdom to be shared from a book.

 ? Listen to a podcast. Again, there is wisdom to be shared from everywhere. Just be careful to not fall into a trap of comparing yourself to someone else. Everyone has a unique perspective to share.

? Make Google your friend. You can literally Google, social media content ideas for [real estate agents] and you’ll get more ideas than you’ll ever need.

 ? Ask your audience. If you’re really stuck, ask your audience what they’d like to see more of. Easy-peasy!

Now for one thing NOT to do when seeking content ideas…don’t scroll mindlessly through Facebook or Instagram!!! It’s so easy to do, and yes, you may just get inspired, but more than likely you’ll lose an hour and you won’t have created any content (speaking from experience).

I’d love to speak with you if you’re continually getting stuck creating content and not enjoying the process anymore! You can book a call here.